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Creating high-impact email for a credit card provider

In the spring of 2019, we helped a national credit card service provider design and develop a unique marketing strategy for new customer personas. Their first priority executing on that strategy was partner web portals. Our new messaging almost immediately drove huge increases in web visits, applications and approvals. When they were ready to take on email marketing, they came to us again.

We applied the same customer-focused thought and insight to email messaging and creative that we apply to all projects. Because the web portal messaging we provided earlier was so powerful, our client had us write new taglines and feature bullets which were later added to brand guidelines to help make new language standard. New email design concepts reflected refreshed brand guidelines. Visuals and images were carefully crafted to appeal to defined audiences. Copy was tailored to “speak” to target audiences in a way that communicated desired messaging, conveyed empathy and offered helpful options. We made iterative adjustments to incorporate rigid Compliance guidelines and worked to accommodate technical requirements of the client’s email platform.

Our client loved the personable, approachable creative. They loved the message of hope and help that copy conveyed to potential customers. They appreciated D2 customer focus and creativity, as well as level of service and ability to meet changing needs and direction within a tight timeframe. In less than three months, online visits jumped an incredible 112% and applications increased 80%. The same approach that drove tremendous response to new web portal messaging proved effective in email messaging, proving once again that a customer-focused approach is always a win for everyone.

Crafting high-impact messaging for a credit card provider

In the spring of 2019, a national credit card service provider reached out
to D2 for help. Several years earlier, we’d rewritten contract, disclosure
and card carrier documents to make them user-friendly. We’d also
designed a digital marketing campaign to help improve customer
experience. Results were always positive so, when upper leadership
decided to target a new audience with new products, they contacted
us. Their request: design and develop a unique marketing strategy for
specific customer personas.

After spending time with our client to better understand and prioritize needs and goals, D2 communications experts brainstormed best ways to connect with specific personas while considering internal culture and challenges. As a financial
institution, our client had to meet stringent legal and ethical requirements. They had limited resources and were historically slow to change. While the marketing team had a clear vision, it needed a path toward implementing that vision in a way that was doable. We provided strategic marketing guidance, along with customer-centric messaging, like taglines and feature/benefit statements. We designed and developed mockups to help our client visualize how final output—web portals, email or other—might look. Everything, including messaging, styles, layout and imagery, reflected customer insight and respected brand image. To accommodate client implementation capabilities, the first channels tested with new messaging were partner web portals.

The results of new messaging exceeded all expectations. In less than four months, online visits jumped 67%, applications soared 99.6% and approval rates increased 51.6%. The better our client performed on web portals, the higher they moved up in search results. Even web partners were excited because their revenue stream increased as our mutual client performed better. And the only thing that changed was messaging—proof that the right words can be powerful.

Creating a branded, scalable TV menu specification

A new TV brand had been on the market for a few years, but each model had a different menu, with look and feel subject to whatever Asian TV manufacturing partners wanted. Menus were unattractive, and hard to navigate, with confusing terminology. None matched brand image. This drove higher documentation and translation costs. Testing took longer because there was no common test plan. Tech support calls took longer and frustrated customers. Our customer turned to D2 for help because they knew we would solve these problems and create a menu customers would like.

The full D2 team worked on this project and used our extensive experience in TVs. The Data Analysis team dove into data to help us understand customer problems. The Behavioral Science team designed the navigation and used terminology customers would understand. With their fingers on the pulse of design trends, the Global Communications team turned it all into a beautiful menu that fit the brand. Throughout the design process, we worked closely with our customer AND the TV manufacturing partner to make sure they liked the design and that it would work on their TVs. We worked through obstacles together. We not only delivered the specification document on time, but also provided all of the icons, as well as Spanish and French translations.

We created a great-looking and very usable TV menu that made sense to customers and matched the brand. TVs could get to market quicker, documentation was more accurate, and translation costs were lowered. Tech support agents now had a common menu and could more effectively help customers. The specification document itself was usable, written to make sure that the development team knew what the TV menu should look like and how it should behave. In the end, we worked as a partner, listened to the customers (end users and our customer), and used our diverse skillset to create a specification with tangible benefits.

Delivering high-visibility packaging for a trade show

We had worked with a long-time partner on a variety of projects, when they called one day, asking for insight on a new marketing project. They had a client who needed custom packaging for a national pharmaceuticals tradeshow two weeks later. Initially, they just wanted ideas. After getting approval to proceed, however, they called again. Another partner had “dropped the ball” and our customer was starting to panic. Their creative team didn’t have the expertise to develop or deliver the high-quality output needed within schedule.

We started the project like we do every one—we listened to our customer to understand needs and scope. Pulling together a cross-functional team, including communications experts and customer advocates, we brainstormed to provide dozens of creative, yet usable, ideas. Two weeks later, when we learned that another partner wouldn’t be able to deliver all of the required pieces within schedule, we jumped into action. We worked with the Account Executive to get a complete list of deliverables. A focused team corrected errors in dielines created by the 3rd party partner. We created functional dielines and applied partner-provided artwork. Rapid prototypes were assemble to test fit, with structural and creative adjustments made, as necessary. Drafts were shared as they were completed, updates made, and final digital files sent to production. Color proofs were approved and production scheduled. It wasn’t until fully-assembled boxes were delivered that we learned of a new challenge: our customer needed yet another piece to accurately reflect the presentation they had proposed to their client. We responded quickly. A dedicated team collaborated to come up with a viable solution, then worked late into the night and throughout the next day to design new dielines, color-match artwork, test, and produce new pieces. We worked closely with our customer to verify accuracy and ensure highest quality possible. Less than 18 hours later, we had everything done and ready for shipment to the tradeshow.

Packaging prototypes were received with excitement and enthusiasm by both our customer’s client and tradeshow attendees. The tradeshow response was tremendous and exceeded all expectations. The client reported that several attendees actually wanted to take packaging prototypes with them to show pharmaceutical executives. The client did end up letting one attendee take packaging because of a potential $1 million project with that company. Subsequent email and phone calls from our customer indicated sincere appreciation for our partnership and focused efforts to successfully complete this project. Not only did we help them meet a deadline, we helped them deliver on a promise to their client. More importantly, that effort ultimately helped cement a relationship with their client and will likely lead to additional work for them in the future.

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